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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Way Down, Down By The Docks

Last year on this date, I didn't feature the only show from this date in Grateful Dead history because I didn't have it. Well between then and now, the great Charlie Miller transferred much of summer 1982, including this show. So instead of sharing my college paper on the significance of "Bird Song" in my coming of age with the Grateful Dead, I have this show for download HERE and HERE.
The night beforehand is Dicks Pick's 32 and in some way this is the better of the two shows from Alpine this year. The first set has a lot of interesting placement of songs and a unique resetting miscue  during "LL Rain." The "Alabama/Promised" is very different only because it opens instead of closes the set. Then where you'd expect a set closer the band plays "Peggy-O" before closing with "Samson," which hadn't been played in the first set since .
The left field call of "Far From Me" opens the second set, which sets the stage for a glowing "Scarlet/Fire." The "Scarlet" is bright and features some great playing by Brent. Then the "Fire" is filled with some spectacular playing by Phil. Some great energy from Jerry's guitar flows into the ending jam, when if have headphones, you'll hear Bobby barking out a countdown into "Estimated. Here we hear another Bobby mistake as he sings "California" two bars earlier than the band is ready for it. Yet it made up for in the hypnotic jam that comes out of this "Estimated." Magnificent interplay between the band mates before the drums hollow out the song and the first special guest of the night joins in. Zakir Hussain is a tabla player who was a founding member of the John McLaughlin trio Shakti and someone who has appeared on every Mickey Hart album to date. He adds a special flavor to this "Drums/Space," like a little chilli pepper on your eggs. As "The Other One" explodes into a million stars, the next special guest John Cipollina burst onto stage with the sly twist into "Not Fade." The rocking "Not Fade" fizzles into "Wharf Rat," before exciting into the closer of some good "Good Lovin'." The six members are the only ones who return to stage to rip-roar through "Satisfaction," with "Wang Dang" lyrics and a peaceful "Brokedown." This is the perfect song to help you get through tomorrow for the eighteenth time. 
I: Alabama, Promised, TLEO, Mama Tried, Mexicali, Loser, Rooster, BE Women, LL Rain, Peggy-O, Samson
II: Far From Me, Scarlet, Fire, Estimated, Drums*, Space*, Other, NFA**, Wharf Rat**, Good Lovin'** E: Satisfaction, Brokedown
* With Zakir Hussain ** With John Cipollina

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