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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thrill Is Gone From Me

The backside of yesterday's Squaw Valley show is the bluegrass side of Jerry. The Garcia/Grisman band played on August 25 and can be downloaded HERE and HERE.
The relationship between Jerry Garcia and David Grisman goes back to before the inception of the Grateful Dead. The two heard of each other before they official met at a Bill Monroe festival. Rumors of this great San Francisco banjo player and this great New Jersey mandolin player lead to their paths crossing. The two were the catalyst for the greatest selling bluegrass album of all time with the early 70's Old and In the Way. But not everything that goes well, ends well, and Jerry left Old and In the Way with some bad feelings for Grisman. So it took the two over 15 years to cool off before they reconnected. The two rehearsed and recorded in Grisman's home studio and took their act to the stage in 1990. Garcia praised the session as helping him reclaim his acoustic chops which he felt were lacking dispite the JGAB shows. 
These shows featured some of Jerry and David's favorite roots songs like "Off to Sea," "Old Rocking Chair," and "Louis Collins," which makes its debut at this Squaw show. Then the played some of Grisman's originals like "Dawg Waltz." Then the brought out the two Grateful Dead tunes that Grisman played on the "American Beauty" album for; "Friend" and "Ripple." It is important to note that the Grateful Dead played "Ripple" one time after the 1980 acoustic/electric shows and this was the only opportunity some DeadHeads ever had to see this classic tune. After this show, Garcia only sang "Ripple" 6 more times. Then this show also has a special guest on the last two songs. Bela Fleck, who also appears on the recent Garcia Live Volume 2, plays banjo on "Eat my Dust" and "Ripple" and night caps a special weekend at Squaw. 
I: Jack a Roe, Spring In California, Grateful Dawg, Louis Colins, Off To Sea, Friend, Two Soldiers, So What
II: Russian Lullaby, Dawg's Waltz, Thrill is Gone, Old Rocking Chair, Arabia, Eat My Dust*, Ripple*
*With Bela Fleck

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