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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Jerry Garcia Solo Show

Download the early show from the first and only Jerry Garcia solo show HERE. Well not the first and only. Jerry Garcia spent much of 1962 as a solo folk guitarist and singer. Then he started playing with Robert Hunter and David Nelson as the Wildwood Boys, which transitioned into Mother McCree's and then finally the Warlocks. So this is the one and only since the inception of the Grateful Dead.
Jerry sort of reluctly agreed to do some solo acoustic shows in 1982 and this was the inauguration. Garcia reportedly left the stage after this set and begged the promoter to let him get someone to join him. He supposedly said tha he felt naked up there and please let me get John Kahn to join him up there. The promoter agreed and the next gig on April 21st, Garcia & Kahn played the Beacon Theatre. 
This is a fantastic listen. "Oh sweet mama your daddy has those Deep Elem Blues," is a fitting opening by the man. There is little in-trepidation in his fingers as he takes his first solo break but quickly he gets to a fitting comfort level. Then he pars the two Elizabeth Cotton numbers after maybe forgetting the lyrics to "Freight Train" as he seamlessly slides into "Oh babe." "Gomorrah" is the first original from the "Cats" album and is followed by the first Grateful Dead song "Dire Wolf." "Stagger Lee" sounds great on the acoustic and it is curious why they didn't try this out for the fifteenth anniversary tour. He only preformed this acoustically 3 times. His growing confidence is evident on the sly filler solo during the fantastic "To Lay Me Down." Then Jerry debuts the title track to his next solo album, "Run For The Roses." The set is closed with a sweet "Ripple," before encoring with "Reuben." And that got him to request John Kahn's accompaniment because "Reuben, Reuben tell me true for I have no one but you."
Deep Elem, Freight Train, Oh Babe, Gomorrah, Dire Wolf, Little Sadie, Stagger Lee, Valerie, All Around This World, To Lay Me Down, Run for the Roses, Ripple E: Reuben 

I was wrong about a JGB release but the good ol' Grateful Dead are finally releasing Sunshine-Daydream.

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