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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Goes To Show You Never Can Tell

The show I'm going to today is a JGB performance from Squaw Valley in 1991, which you can download HERE and HERE. This show is special to me because Squaw Valley was the first place I moved to after college. It is also the first time that I lived outside of New York State and Tahoe is such a blissful place.
I moved into a couch my friend had which had a terrace that overlooked the mountain. We would sit out on the terrace and jam "Bird Song" on our acoustics into the beautiful mountain air. I also taught Matt some of the songs that I was working on. At the time I wanted to be a singer-songwriter, so moving to Tahoe was probably a poor choice but I was out of St. Lawrence and wanted a similar type place (except with a lot less girls). Looking back I wrote some of my best songs and when I put all the songs on a recording I named it Tahoe Journal and called it the best year of my life. (This is of course before my life became complete with my wife and kids. "Yes dear.")
So Bill Graham put this two day festival together on top of the Squaw Valley mountain. The site of the 1960 Olympic Games and were the USA won their first Gold Metal in ice hockey. The shows centered around Jerry's two side projects; JGB and Garcia/Grisman. Bill Graham even made a button for the people who instead of paying decided to try and hike the 2,000 plus vertical feet up the mountain instead of taking the gondola. This was the last concert collaboration between the two friends Jerry and Bill because later this fall, Bill Graham died in a helicopter crash.
I: How Sweet, Stop That Train, Run For the Roses, Forever Young, Never Can Tell, Lazy Bones, Deal
II: Way You Do, Waiting For a Miracle, Struggling Man, Money Honey, Shining Star, Somebody to Love

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