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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Coast Of California

Today is the anniversary of a great show from the 1991, yeah I said great, from Shoreline Amphitheater and can be downloaded HERE and HERE. This edition of the band featured the dual keyboardist of Vince Welnick and Bruce Hornsby. The virtuoso Hornsby provided an infusion of energy and light that was loss after Brent Mydland passed. His bright piano is a prevalent part of the mix and he served as a catalyst to mix up the standard placement of tunes.
The show opens with a splendid "Jack Straw," which due to Bobby's microphone problems allowed Bruce to take Bobby's part in the first verse interchange. Then what starts as a soft "Bertha" changes into high gear after Jerry starts belting over piano fills. Bruce's piano is all over the "All Over Now." Really inspiring. The longest song of the set is "Desolation Row." Bobby really fights to get through this one. The band pauses for a couple minutes after this, which facilitates some restless noodling. Quite naturally the band falls into the first first set "Dark Star" in nearly twenty years. This is nearly happened earlier in the year at Giants Stadium, but after a minute tease the band quickly transferred into "Masterpiece." This ten minute version of "Dark Star" is beautifully crafted until Bobby calls the "Promised" closer.
The second set opens with a lively "Scarlet Begonias." There is some beautiful interaction between Hornsby and Jerry on this interlude, until Hornsby links the band to "Victim or the Crime." There is no closing to this "Victim" as they move into a Phil-ful "Fire on the Mountain." After they roar through a monster "Truckin'." Each member filling the holes of the verse lines and crushing the ending jam into "Drums." Throughout "Space" there is a vibe that "The Other One" would be taking the band through the second half of the set but instead they twist the vibe into a heady "Playin' Reprised." The previous "Playin'" was three nights earlier at CalExpo, so they put a bow on that. A gorgeous "Standing on the Moon" comes next and listen as Jerry pulls the band back through a reprised singing of the full stanza, "A lovely view of heaven but I'd rather be with you." The band is not expecting it (much like the second solo on the Soilder Field "So Many Roads") but they quickly catch up to Jerry. Bobby storms out of the emotional "Standing on the Moon" with a delightful "Good Lovin'." Listen at the start of the song as Hornsby rifts "La Bama" over the song intro. Stellar. 
The next night the band briefly reprised "Dark Star" out of "Space," before transitioning into "Morning Dew." I know I know I like that combo too. 
I: Jack Straw, Bertha, Over Now, Ramble, Desolation Row, Dark Star, Promised
II: Scarlet, Victim, Fire, Truckin', Drums, Space, Playin' Reprised, SOTM, Good Lovin' E: US Blues
Last first set Dark Star was on 11/15/71

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