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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Song I Used To Hear

It's been so embarrassing to hear people talk about my naked dancing behind the band in the Sunshine Daydream movie. Ha ha. Just joking that wasn't me but it was me raising my hands and calling "Yeah Donna" during the "Sing Me Back Home." Such a glorious rendition of this song that was only played by the Dead nine more times before it was forever replaced by "Stella Blue" and the likes.
Download today's selection from the Garcia & Kahn tour in 1982, which you can find HERE. Jerry had some pleasant surprises for the audience, the new song that was making the rounds was "Run For The Roses," the cool improvisation was "Bird Song," and the surprise returns were "Going Going Gone" and "Sing Me Back Home." He hadn't preformed "Sing Me Back Home" in approximately nine years and wasn't on the DeadHead's radar who was walking into the venue. This selection just came into circulation this year, which is why I choose it, plus it has the three criteria sited above. So lets hope that next Grateful Dead Meet Up At The Movies that we have more of the pick below and less of the pic at the top.
Deep Elem, Around This World, Jack a Roe, Bird Song, Sing Me Back, Gomorrah, It Ain't No Lie, Run for the Roses, Ripple, Dire Wolf

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