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Saturday, August 4, 2012


I was reminded of something during the GD Movie on Jerry's birthday. I was reminded of my old setlist notebook. Durning the "Playin'" Main Ten jam, of the GD Movie, I saw someone rocking out with a 8x10 spiral notebook in the air. I had pocket size so I didn't have to hold it throughout the show. I never found any notebook. The interne has replaced the need for an notebook as well as analog tapes.
The beginning of the video montage that Justin Kreutzmann put together, featured some really interesting clips and interviews by Luke Wilson, who probably should start googling his guest. I found the Billy interview where he talked about being the first DeadHead to be interesting. I didn't find Mickey's 70 beers to be as funny as he wanted it to be, which in itself is funny. I also liked to see Jerry's girls interviewed. Considering that most of us think that we are "Jerry's Kids" to see his actual kids is pretty fascinating to me. An interesting fact, Sunshine Kesey lived at 710 Haight with Jerry and her mother Mountain Girl.

The Wheel with Phil
Cumberland Blues with Phil
Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo
Dire Wolf
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Tennessee Jed
Ship of Fools
They Loved Each Other
Bird Song
New Speedway Boogie
Loose Lucy (Bobby Solo)
David Crosby Poem
Friend of the Devil
Mission in the Rain
Ramble on Rose
Catfish John
Shakedown Street
Terrapin Station
He's Gone
Eyes of the World
Scarlet Begonias
Don't Let Go
Days Between
Franklin's Tower
US Blues
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad

A five hour show. For those Springsteen Heads that have been bolstering about his 4 hour and 6 minute show, let me remind you that Bob Weir is 2 years younger than Bruce. So Bobby killed it.
All but two songs were co written by Jerry Garcia. "Catfish John" and "Don't let Go" were Jerry Band classics. The line-up was constantly changing which kept it interesting for the audience on the couch. No one played Jerry's Wolf but Jeff Chimenti played Brent's B3.
Keep an eye on Yahoo! Music and TRI for rebroadcasts and select videos. Hopefully the audio will be available to download like the "Comes a Time" tribute on the 10 year anniversary of Jerry Garcia's death.
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