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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Ten years later the Grateful Dead and the Merry Pranksters renewed the Springfield Creamery Presents show for Field Trips number two. Today marks the 30 year anniversary of this show download the AUD HERE. This recording is very good and is able to capture what a soundboard would compress, when Phil drops his patented bombs.
I can't tell you how many times I've been to a show and thought wow that "And the whistle is screaming" was so loud. Only to listen back to the soundboard and be upset that it was leveled off. This audience recording lives up to the concert experience, so at the :39 of "The Other One" and 5:34 of the "Truckin'" listen for the bombs that will shake the headphones off your ears. (Also in this "Truckin'," Bobby uses the lyric change as mention in THIS blog.)
This show contains a couple of debuts, a bust out, and draws some parallels to the 8/27/72 show. The first debut "Keep Your Day Job" opens up the second set. A song that was played until Jerry's coma. Hunter could be a lot of things in his lyrics; mysterious, dark, beautiful, but humor wasn't one of them, which is why DeadHeads didn't mind the song dropping from rotation. "West LA" is debuted two songs later and this is one of three times this song appears in the second set.
This is the first time in 4 years that "Dupree's" is played, and is the only time that it is used as an Encore. This song is a Ken Kesey request. It probably not the only song that Kesey requested but it's the only stand out.
Its odd that both of the "Springfield Creamery" shows have "Aoxomoxoa" numbers in the date; 27-72 and 28-82. I got to wonder if the third decade show was done in 92, as they had planned to do, if it would have be on the 29th. The show was cancelled because of Garcia's poor health. That is why there is no shows between 6-29-92 and 12-02-92. The doctor ordered Jerry to rest during that time.
I: Bertha, Minglewood, Jed, My Uncle, Big River, Althea, All Over Now, China Cat, Rider
II: Day Job, Woman, West LA, Far From Me, Playin', Drums, Space, Wheel, Other One, Truckin', Black Peter, Playin', Saturday Night E: Dupree's

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