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Monday, August 27, 2012


On this date, 40 years ago, the Grateful Dead played what was their first legendary tape trade show. For a lot of DeadHeads, this is the original Cornell '77 tape. Download the SBD copies of set III, and III.
The show was dubbed, "The Field Trips" a clever euphemism for a Merry Prankster concert event. Ken Kesey had moved his bus back to Oregon after escaping drug charges in the late 60's. This concert was a revitalization of the relationship that was established in the early Acid Test. Actually Ken and Mountain Girl's daughter, Sunshine, lived in Jerry and MG's room at 710 Haight.
The day was a scorcher, at 100 in the normally cool North West. The stage announcements the appear between every other song speak to irresponsible people to take care of themselves and their children (what a drag man). The Dead or as Bobby calls them the Sun Stroke Serenaders, play to the weather; Hot.
I remember when my friend gave me his copy of Ken Kesey's "Sometimes a Great Notion" to read. He said "Watch what happens, your gonna be reading it and all the rain is gonna make the book feel like its wet." I was doubtful but on a sunny day, I had a rainy day feeling. The books language was transforming my emotions and feelings to the soaking wet pages and my stiff groggy shoulder. This show does much of the same. It seems hotter then it is out when I'm listening to it and looking for relief as Bobby "Cool clean water, well you never tell."
Maybe it's what some call the perfect "China/Rider," or maybe it's explosion of the "Truckin'," or maybe it's the half hour expansive "Dark Star," but this show makes me perspire. The cosmic opening that was created by this show is the Heat. The Heat must have created a cosmic spirit in the Old Renaissance Faire Grounds that smolder like molten lava beneath the ground. Smoldering as the Grateful Dead made continuous trips back and forth across the country. As this tape popped up "Chicago, New York, or Detroit and their all on the same street."
Until three years later when on this same day the spirit of Heat erupted. And across this country the spirit rose from the ashes to be the greatest watermelon player to ever grace A wall. They called that baby Joseph but everyone knows him as Joe Gregg. The Adult. The Magic Johnson dancing in the crowd. A person of the people. The Heat.
I: Promised, Sugaree, My Uncle, Deal, BT Wind, China, Rider, Mexicali, Bertha
II: Playin', He's Gone, Straw, Bird Song, Greatest
III: Dark Star, El Paso, Sing Me, Sugar Mags, Casey Jones, Saturday Night

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