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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today we go in the way back machine to a show on this date in 1976. This is a fine example of the bands willingness to experiment while staying true to the song.
The song "Might as Well" is usually a short rocker about the Festival Express train rides the band took in 1970. Here the song finds some space as Jerry plays the solo the band expands the song and venture out as the jam spins into "Samson." It's a brilliant version.
1976 featured some great versions of songs, one of my favorites from this time period is "LL Rain." You could almost hear Bobby and Donna getting down to it in the music. Though Phil said that the line, "Street cars make love" always reminded him of Pigpen and Janis, I always think of Bobby and Donna.
"Here he comes then he's gone again." The featured jam is the "Playin'." the song was starting to transfer from the first closing jam to the second set space odyssey. In this jam the two drummers duel as Jerry lays down the lead and Phil drops bombs. The jam morfs into a "Slipkont" esk jam till Jerry takes the spot light for "Wharf Rat." The song is kept light and fluffy like he's walking on a cloud.
Then Phil leads the charge with a heavy baseline that sounds like they are progressing into "Help." But as the music picks up Jerry pulls out "Going Down the Road." The "Bid You Goodnight" jam progresses back into "Playin'." Before closing the set with a "Around."
The band pulls the double encore of "US Blues" and "Sugar Mags." Clearly the vibe was too good to close on one encore.
I: Promised, Half Step, Mama Tried, Deal, Cassidy, Jed, Big River, BE Woman, Minglewood, TLEO, LL Rain, Loser, Lazy Lightning, Supplication
II: Might as Well, Samson, Candyman, Playin', Wharf Rat, Drums, GDTRFB, Playin', Around E: US Blues, Sugar Mags
Last night I went to go see the Grateful Dead Movie with several other DeadHeads. The into by Justin Kreutzmann was an interesting reminder to where DeadHeads are now. Then the Monty Python-esk Uncle Sam cartoon brought us right back to Winterland 1974. The only two complaints I heard was "Turn it up" and "No talking during the Dew."
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