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Saturday, August 4, 2012


In 1968, Johnny Cash released his classic live album "At Folsom Prison." He followed this with a second classic prison album "At San Quinten."
The Grateful Dead would rather stay away from prison in any way shape or form. That all change on this date in 1971, the SBD is available for download.
Owsley "Bear" Stanley became a spiritual guide for the Grateful Dead back in 1966. He was the LSD chemist for the Merry Pranksters, when he hooked up with the Dead. He introduced the band to their first manager, Rock Scully whom also aided Bear in his creation of 1.25 million tabs of LSD.
His lab was raided in 1967, he was found in possession of 350,000 hits of LSD, which he claimed to be for personal use. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison and later saw his sentence reduced to two years.
Bear was the Dead's first sound engineer. He came up with the concept of the Grateful Dead iconic symbol. He saw a street sign that was a circle with a line through it, he thought if he changed the line to a lightning bolt and changed the colors to blue and red, it could be an symbol with Grateful Dead written underneath. Bob Thomas decided to frame that circle with a skull instead of the putting the band name there and the Steal Your Face was born.
To commemorate the last time Owsley was arrested where the headlines dubbed him the "King of Acid," the Grateful Dead opens up this show with "Truckin'." After fixing a broken string while Bobby Gets booed for telling his Yellow Dog joke, Jerry sings "Test me test me why don't you arrest me" for the inmates. Bobby then eggs on the inmates with "Freedom just another word" and then Pigpen's "Hard to Handle." A very fitting way to please the incarcerated gentleman.
Pigpen definitely has the most flair for the inmates and sings directly to their situation in "Next Time You See Me." Ironically the King of Acid and the only member of the band that hated LSD had a very close friendship. So after Bear got out of prison he put allowed to put together a album of songs he recorded as a tribute to his fallen friend Pigpen. "Let shine. Shine on me. Some of your love."
Truckin', Bertha, Bobby McGee, Hard to Handle, China Cat, Rider, Loser, Playin', Next Time, My Uncle, Casey Jones, Cumblerland, Big Boss, Sugaree, El Paso, Mr Charlie, NFA, GDTRFB, Lovelight

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