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Saturday, August 18, 2012


The PHIL Terrapin Crossroads birthday tribute is a quality listen. I've been keeping an eye out because I've been hopeful that Phil would post the SBD of the show but it has not appeared as of yet. As of today Phil has played over 100 shows thanks to Terrapin Crossroads and has covered "The Band," "Blood on the Tracks," and "Grievous Angel." Not to mention the Dead albums, "American Beauty" and "Workingman's Dead."
Here are some of the interesting things Phil said in his pre-Brithday salute to Jerry:
"We are here to honor the memory of a dear friend and wonderful human being...I half expect, every time I walk onto this or any stage, to see him walk up to me and say, "What's going on?" His presence is really palpable and sometimes not, but he has found ways to act on this plane...Jerry would have been embarrassed by all this, as we all could be, by this hoopla, but he was a guy with a rare protein mind and a heart as big as infinity...When Jerry invited me to join the band it was the best thing that every happened to me, up to that point, not just because I always wanted to play music with him. I was a trumpet player. A trumpet and an acoustic guitar didn't go well together, and and I didn't think we wanted to play mariachi music...Part of his harmony, he left it here with us and I think he'd be very very pleased with what these young musicians are doing with it."
Highlights to MOVE ME BRIGHTLY are now available to stream. The whole show is also available to watch, via YouTube.
Here is David Crosby's poem for Jerry:

Cause I'm Missing Him Tonight

If I had to pick one of us to speak for us all
He would have done the job well
Coming from some crazy angle
He’d have known which story to tell
he’d tell the truth about real music
he knew the truth long before he fellHis fingers would touch his guitar neck
My axe would be pressed to my chest
A chord and a melody would walk in the door
Closely followed by all of the rest
Magic and tragic and triumph and storm
and all the things we had sought on our questYou get your ego out of the way of your hearts
The whole becomes greater than the sum of the partsA sort of field pops into existence
Everything lifts off the ground
You know that you’re doing what you were born to do
That you’re using the gift that you’ve found
To create some lift and break all the chains
with which all our people are boundhe did it for all the right reasons
and made all of our mistakes
a more human man you could not find
an accelerator without the brakes
but he had the brains and the heart and the spirit
Garcia really had what it takes

San Francisco's mayor Edwin Lee declared 8/5/12 Jerry Day. This is the tenth annual Jerry day. Is every day Jerry Day?
On the anniversary of Jerry Garcia's death Bobby and Phil played with God Street Wine. Bobby played "Candyman," "Stranger," "Cassidy," "And it Stoned Me," and "Epilog" at their TRI live webcast. Afterward they took the party back to Phil's Terrapin Crossroads as God Street played "Hey Pocky Way," "Into the Mystic," "Tom Thumbs," and "Candyman" with Phil.
Then over the weekend Bobby joined Norah Jones for "Roses" at the Oustide Land Festival. Norah's guitarist Jason Roberts is a Dead fan, who got into them because his aunt is Mimi Fishman. After she gave him a copy of "Rift," his uncle gave him a copy of "Europe 72." It's pretty ironic that people who used to get into Phish because of the Grateful Dead are now getting into the Dead because of Phish.

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