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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When They Come To Call On You

Twenty-five years ago today, Bruce Hornsby first sat in with the Grateful Dead, which you can download HERE. Before jamming with the band Jerry says in a jovial manner, "We don't just let anyone sit in on accordion." This is ironic because the first instrument Jerry got was an accordion, which he convinced his mom to let him trade in for an electric guitar. Just imagine what the hot opener of "Stranger/Franklin's" would have sounding like if Jerry was on accordion, Phil on trumpet, and Bob on wash board. Nightmares.
At this time in his career, Bruce was as popular as he ever would be. His debut album, "The Way It Is," was released to critical and fan acclaim. This was part of the tour with The Range, that was in support of this album. It must have been a thrill for a kid to play with the band he used to cover in high school. Bruce's brother recuted him to join their Dead cover band, which consisted of most Europe 72 songs. Either way Bruce was not the only one who was pleased with his performance. As soon as "Memphis Blues" ends, Phil exclaims "Whoa!"
He left an impression on the band and was invited to join the band two years later, after Brent Myland passed. Between touring and recording with The Range then touring with the Grateful Dead, Bruce only spent a total of two weeks at home in 1990. 351 days he was on the road. The brutal schedule got to him so in 91, he left the band but not before he got a gift from Phil that would last a lifetime. Phil and his wife Jill passed on a Faberge Egg that was given to Phil by his mother. The Egg was suppose to provide good luck to couples that are trying to conceive. After receiving the Egg Phil and Jill had their two boys, Brian and Grahame. Phil passed the Egg onto Bruce, who later had twins. 
A couple of years ago, I got to meet Jill and I asked her about the Faberge Egg, because of a the old college try wasn't getting it done with my wife and I. She flattered me by inquiring if I was old enough to be in this situation (I think it was because she didn't think she was ready to be a grandma) but I assured her that I was much older then her sons. She very sweetly didn't know what happened with the Egg, even though I just want to know where to buy one, and it wasn't need as my wife and I were lucky enough to be conceive two boys; Jerry and Brennan. 
I: Stranger, Franklin's, Box, Sugaree*, Memphis Blues*, West LA, Cassidy, Deal
II: Victim, Blow Away, Foolish Heart, Terrapin, Drums, Space, Other One, Wharf Rat, T Stones, NFA E: Knockin'

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