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Friday, June 21, 2013

Made A Fine Connection

Today we go back 29 years for a SEVA Foundation benefit, which saw the re-minted The Band opening for the Dead. Four of the original five members of The Band reformed in 1983 and began playing shows together for the first time since the band's split after the 1978 concert "The Last Waltz." Replacing Robbie Robertson on guitar was Jim Weider and Randy Ciarlante. This show is the first time since the 1973 Watkins Glen show that members of The Band collaborated with the Grateful Dead. Instead of playing on of The Band's great songs, the collaboration is on the old songs "New Orleans," "Big Boss Man," and "Iko." 
The Grateful Dead sets that proceed the encore with The Band is full of tasty nuggets. The early "Bird Song" is like a venture on a powder day up on the trees. Floating through a cloud till you get to the bottom and its the turn around where you realize how far you've come. Then the sequence of "Dupree's/LL Rain/Might as Well" is fantastic. Each song is a jem. Then the second set highlight is the "Terrapin." The song starts off slow and builds to the closing jam where Phil drops to massive bombs. Download an audience copy of the show HERE
I: Bucket, TLEO, CC Ruder, Bird Song, BIODTL, Dupree's, LL Rain, Might as Well
II: Scarlet, Fire, Good Times, Samson, Terrapin, Drums, Space, Wheel, T. Stones, NFA E: New Orleans*, Big Boss Man*, Iko*
*With The Band

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