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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Marmalade Skys

On this date in 1995, the Grateful Dead started what would be last three concerts in California. This first night was highlighted by the very guest appearance by the Guyoto Monks during "Drums".  
6/2/95 first set features an expansive "Bird Song", which you'll hear Vince crow in the middle of the jam. Then just as the band pulls the "Bird Song" back to the final chorus there is a bit of an ambivalent jam which drifts into a kicking "Promised Land." 
The second set opens with "New Speedway," which shuffles into the blues romp "That would be Something." You never know how or why the Dead did the covers that the did, if Jerry was to cover any song off the "McCartney" album, you would figured it would have been "Maybe I'm Amazed" with JGB. It would have been legendary, but instead we "TWBS," which fit quite nice as an in between song. The energy the is created by this "Saint of Circumstance" is sizzling but then there quite the uncertianity when the song fades out. The band doesn't leave the stage so the build a sweet "He's Gone." There is a very nice jam that comes out of the "He's Gone" before Mickey brings the Guyoto Monks for their chant. Afterwards "Space" ends up sounding very Celeste. The post "Space" the "Standing on the Moon" is fantastic. The coda to the song "Rather be with you" is soul satisfying. I love hearing Jerry sing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," which fitting song being that he was once nicknamed "Captain Trips".
I: Alabama, Greatest, Candyman, Schoolgirl, Ramble, El Paso, Bird Song, Promised
II: Speedway, TWBS, Way to Go, Saint, He's Gone, Drums, Chant*, Space, Easy Answers, SOTM, Around E: LSD
* With the Guyoto Monks

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