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Friday, June 7, 2013

Now She's Gone And I Don't Worry

Today is the anniversary of a great show from 1969 from the Fillmore West in San Francisco. The Dead was in the mist of a four night run at the Fillmore and they capped off the show with help from a fellow member of the San Fran music scene. Download a soundboard of this show HERE.
The show opens up with the debut of "Dire Wolf." The song's chorus originated from Garcia's paranoia of the Zodiac killer. The popular acoustic duo of "Dupree's/Mountains of the Moon" shoots out of the debut, which the band then picks up the electric instruments as they slip into the void. This "Dark Star" is the band stretching their legs and losing themselves in the moment. The song quickly loses it's schematic pattern yet somehow manages to stay in the realm of "Dark Star." And as the final verse is sung the band springboards into their "Live Dead" song pattern. An explosive "St Stephen" with the "William Tell" coda, runs into a strong version of "The Eleven." The band masterfully splits up to meet again on the eleven and after meeting up the band diverges from the "Live Dead" song pattern. Instead "Lovelight," Garcia quickly transitions the band into a bouncy "Sitting on Top of The World." The unusual combo works well and it is surprising that they never tried it again. "Cold Rain" is the bit of blues as the psychedelia of "Doin' That Rag" tops off a long stream of music. The brief breather is Bobby laying down the most played song in Grateful Dead history. Then the show closer, "Lovelight" is started by Phil's fingers dancing across his fret board. After Pigpen takes the verses, Jerry takes a very rhythmically bluesy breakdown to the jam till the special guest comes shouting out "yeah." Janis Joplin joins the Grateful Dead for the first time on stage. Pigpen and Janis didn't only have charisma in the bedroom. The two share lyrics and rants as the top the set with this icing on the cake.
Dire Wolf, Dupree's, Mtns of the Moon, Dark Star, St Stephen, Eleven, Top of the World, Cold Rain, Doin' That Rag, My Uncle, Lovelight*
* With Janis Joplin

DeadHead world can rejoice. The Prankster's video footage of Venture 8/27/72 is finally officially getting released. On Jerry Garcia's 71st birthday the Grateful Dead will be back at the movies. More information on Sunshine Daydream can be found HERE and to view my post on this show check SUN STROKE SERENADERS.

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