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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Little Red Rooster's On The Prowl

On this date in 1986, the Grateful Dead first got to play with Bob Dylan on stage at the Rubber Bowl in Ohio. In a very unceremonious manner, Dylan strolls out in the middle of the first verse of "Little Red Rooster." Sharing leads on "Rooster" with Jerry, Dylan manners to slide nicely between the guitar work of Weir and Garcia. Dylan then takes the initiative to start the only version of "Don't Think Twice" the Dead would ever preform. Garcia then quickly leads the band into the first Bob Dylan cover the band ever played as Dylan and Garcia duet on "Baby Blue." The triple bill of Dylan, Petty, and the Grateful Dead provided a long saught after combination.
The summer shows concluded three shows later with a second guest appearance by Dylan, but as Garcia left the stage after the tour finale there was obviously something wrong him. After this tour Garcia slipped into a diabetic coma. This year was much like the start of this second set, started fired up with this "China/Rider," before slipping into a dreamy "Playin'," only to emerge in "Desolation Row" without Jerry. We are all lucky that it didn't end the way this show did with "A Box of Rain will ease the pain and love will see you through." Download the Charlie Miller audience HERE
I: Alabama, Greatest, TLEO, Rooster*, Don't Think Twice*, Baby Blue*, Candyman, Uncle, Mexicali, Don't Ease
II: China Cat,  Rider, Playin', Desolation Row, Drums, Space, Truckin', Black Peter, Sugar Mags 
E: Box of Rain
Sometimes I forget to mention stuff that is currently going on in the Grateful Dead world. Like this excellent new live show from the Jerry Garcia archives, featuring special guest Bela Fleck. If you didn't pre-order it then I highly suggest that you dig into the piggy bank for this show. Jerry and the gang are firing on all cylinders for this one, check it out HERE.
Also the Jerry Garcia Orchestral shows have debuted and there are videos galore on YouTube, which you can find HERE. Then finally Bob Weir just wrapped up some solo gigs opening the AmericaramA shows. He guested with My Morning Jacket on songs like "Rider" and "BE Woman." Then sat in with Wilco on a plethora of songs like; "Ripple," "Friend," "California Stars," "Bird Song," and "Dark Star." "Never mind he stumbles and falls," Bobby just can't be contained.

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