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Friday, May 31, 2013

We're All Wasted

The goods were delivered in Las Vegas in 1992, which is the final night of a three night run. You can download HERE. The show opens with the vehicle "Help"/"Slip"/"Frank's." The first set includes a bombastic "Queen Jane" and the dissension into space with a far out "Bird Song." Before the set is closed out with a tight "Picasso Moon."

The second set opens with an energetic "Scarlet"/"Fire". Then the "Women are Smarter" features a very energitic midi solo. There's an emotional "So Many Roads," where Garcia goes ballistic at the climax of the song. This is one of my top five versions of this song. All thought Bobby flies through "Saint of Circumstance," the boys don't leave the stage so quickly, Garcia leads them through a slow sleek "He's Gone."
Out of "Space" the band picks slowly progresses into sublime "Attics." As the song fades, Steve Miller joins the band for "Spoonful." Although Steve Miller opened all three shows, this was the first time he jammed with the boys. Miller's solo leads the band into "The Other One." Then they drop into a "Dew," which Jerry and Miller share the lead on. The band and Miller come back out to encore with "Baba O'Riley" into "Tomorrow Never Knows."
After this tour, the doctors shut down Jerry Garcia for the remainder of 1992. The band didn't return until the spring of 1993. Before the tour Jerry got to collaborate with another excellent guitarist. Garcia and Grisman had Tony Rice sit in and jam with the duo. The cut several versions of songs in Grisman's home studio. These rough tracks jumped into circulation when the pizza delivery guy stole the tapes and the "Pizza Tapes" were born. 
I: Help, Slip, Franks, Minglewood, Roses, Queen Jane, Bird Song, Picasso Moon
II: Scarlet, Fire, Woman, So Many Roads, Saint, He's Gone, Drums, Space, Attics, Spoonful*, Other*, Dew* E: Baba*, TNK*
*w/ Steve Miller

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