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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Download my SBD of the show from 7/18/89 at Alpine Valley. This concert was used as the second annual Grateful Dead at the movies.
One of my favorite Grateful Dead treats is the split up of "Sugar Mags" and "Sunshine Daydream." The first time they did it was in Boston on 6/28/74 and after that, there was always a little bit of extra excitement when they would open the set with a "Mags." "Scarlet" is the easiest structurally for the band to slide into and since it's in the same key the transition could be seamless. The band did it more on New Years then any other date because "Sugar Mags" was Bill Graham's favorite song and they were playing to his request.
I remember the first time I heard this split up. I was in a 80 something yellow VW Rabbit and it was this very show. My friend was at this show, his preaching of '89 shows is why its my favorite year from the 80's. I was blown away by the show and I still am. The "Mags" "Scarlet," the hot "Eyes," the powerful "Throwing Stones" and the electric "SSDD." It is a great listen and for the last month my alarm clock has been programmed to wake me up to "Sunshine Daydream."
"Sugar Magnolia" is significance is greater the song, it is the songwriter that emerges from it. In 1968. Bobby was kicked out of the band. In the days leading up to his brief departure, Jerry and Phil ridiculed the simplicity of his songs "Born Cross-Eyed" and "The Other One." So after Bobby returned from his two day hiatus, he didn't add any new songs, only covers. That all changed in 1970 with "Sugar Magnolia." 
I: Touch, Straw, Jack A-Roe, Minglewood, Friend, Memphis Blues Again, Bird Song, Promised
II: Sugar Mags, Scarlet, Woman, Eyes, Drums, Space, China Doll, Fantasy, Jude Finale, T. Stones, SSDD E: Quinn

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