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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Download my SBD copy of Alpine Valley on 7/19/89. This is the final night of the three night run. Part of this first set was used in the "Downhill From Here" DVD. 
This is the conclusion of the three night run in 89 at Alpine Valley. This is the first night that the first set doesn't start off with two typical opening songs. The first night opens with "LTGTR" and "Stranger," the second night starts with "Touch" and "Straw," but this night starts with "Bucket" then jumps into "Sugaree." A welled played "Sugaree" at that.
The maturity of "Althea" is complete here. You can see how far it's come in the ten years on the road and this is why this song would later be used on the live album "Without a Net." The DVD picks on this first set before the "West LA" then the feature song of the first set "Desolation Row." Even though Bobby catches himself messing up the lyrics, it was voted as the best Dead version of "Desolation Row." The song is all about the interaction of Bobby's singing and Jerry's guitar that makes the ten verses song build till Bobby pulls the plug just to sing "Everybody's shouting Which side are you on?" I know where I stand.
Phil opens up the wet second set with "Box of Rain." Jerry then starts one of his newish songs, "Foolish Heart," which if you listen to the solo Jerry extends. He goes right through Stop, and pushes the solo higher and higher until they peak again. This is considered the second best versions of "Foolish Heart" for this solo work. Bobby then brings the crowd back to the rain with a stirring "LL Rain."
Then the band opens up the flood gates with "Terrapin Staton."
From the on set the "Terrapin" is soft and building, as Jerry weaves the tale to be told. This opens up into an interesting jam that entwines Phil, Jerry and Brent. This builds until he sings as the band enters "Terrapin." Although Jerry does sing the line, "To get to Terrapin" the band gets us there anyway. The band delights us for an extensive jam which stays on the theme until "Drums" takes over.
Post "Space" the tempo quickens as the band clobbers with "The Other One" and then tumbles through the repeat "The Wheel." As the song fades, Jerry picks up the scales as he throws down the gauntlet and drops into "Dew." The previous year, Jerry sang a heavy version of "Dew," here he takes down the volume for as sagacious "Dew." His vocals on the song are meaningful and complimentary. They work as an engineer for the rest bands instruments. Quite when need be. Powerful when they need to be loud. The crowd cheers the last "I guess it doesn't matter" as solo starts with a whisper and builds to a crescendo. At the peak, it sounds like the whole band is shuffling and crashing their instruments to full power. Then Bobby caps the night off with "Lovelight."
I: Bucket, Sugaree, Mama Tried, Mexicali, Althea, Victim, West LA, Desolation Row, Deal
II: Box, Foolish Heart, LL Rain, Terrapin, Drums, Space, Other, Wheel, Dew E: Lovelight

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