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Monday, July 16, 2012


Download my SBD copy of Alpine Valley 7/17/89.
As the summer of 1989 started to come to a close, the Grateful Dead were playing some of their most consistently complete shows. The band was running off the energy they had been gathering since Jerry recovered from his diabetic coma. The bands interactions and specifically the musical interactions between Brent and Jerry were at an all time high. Listen as their trade offs durning the final chorus of "Row Jimmy." The song really had hit its stride after road testing it for the previous 16 years.
The band is all smiles when they come on stage and open with "Let the Good Times Roll." An anthem that served as a foreshadowing of the night and the shows to come. The video is not the complete first night.
The video incorporates the second half of the first set from the final night of the run, before switching back for the complete second set. The camera catches some great moments like Billy pausing for what he thinks is the end of "Built to Last" until he hears them completing one more chord progression. The camera also pans from behind the band as the play the transition between "China" "Rider" and the audience is jumping as "Rider" emerges.
They captures Bobby's face catching himself as he starts sing the wrong lyrics to "Playin'." As Jerry finishes singing the "Be with you" climax he steps back to start to solo, as he pushes the glasses back onto he face the camera pans to Billy who is singing the line back at Jerry. A very funny interaction.
The band ends the second set with "And We Bid you Goodnight." A song that they hadn't played since the closing of Winterland.
I: LTGR, Stranger, Built to Last, My Uncle, Cumberland, All Over Now, Row Jimmy, Masterpiece, Push, Music
II: China Cat, Rider, Playin', Uncle John's, SOTM, Drums, Space, Wheel, GS Lovin, GDTRFB, NFA, Bid You Goodnight, E: JBG

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