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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Since 1995, the Grateful Dead fan has had many decisions to make regarding which live shows they choose to attend.  Right now you could go see Furthur, 7 Walkers or the Mickey Hart Band, not to mention all the Dark Star Orchestra type bands that play your local watering hole.

I am at one of those crossroads.  On July 14, Furthur is playing in Coney Island and on the same day the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra is playing the music of the Grateful Dead in a free outdoor concert.
Everyone knows the quality that Furthur puts into their live shows, and if you're familiar with the Dead Symphony no. 6 album by the Russian National Orchestra, you know that Grateful Dead melodies transfer well to the orchestra setting.  If I choose to attend the Furthur show I could go by 3520 Mermaid Ave to see Woody Guthrie's house in celebration of his 100th birthday.  Will Bobby and Phil know it's Woody's Birthday?
I guess I should go the concert with the guys who jammed with Jerry, right?  However, there might be more than two guys or girls in the BPO that jammed with Jerry and Pigpen.  In 1970 on St. Patty's day, The Grateful Dead and The Road (Noel Redding's band after the break-up of the Jimi Hendrix Experience) played a concert with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.  There are few details known about this concert. When Dave Lemieux was asked if there were any recordings of this concert in the Vault, he said, "We don't have that." Deadbase lists them playing 3 songs, "Dark Star" "Drums" and "Lovelight".  Some eyewitness accounts have them playing "NFA" "The Other One" and "Lovelight". Either way, I wonder weather or not Pigpen went into his "Get you're hands out of your pockets" rap.  It would be great if he told a suit and tie audience to "Stop playing that pocket pool"!
I guess we'll never know.  Just like I don't know what to do; Furthur or BPO?

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