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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Mr. Dylan turns 71 today. Happy birthday Bob.
In 1965, Dylan toured across Europe, as documented in the movie "Don't Look Back", where he progressed from a folk singer to a rock star. That same year a band by the name of the Warlocks debuted and shortly after featured a Dylan cover, "It's all over now, Baby Blue". This song's sad lyric and emotive melody appealed to Jerry Garcia. Dylan's influence on Garcia's songwriting is apparent in the Robert Hunter lyrics Jerry chose. "Rueben & Cherise", "Stagger Lee", and "Black Muddy River" could have all been Dylan songs off of an album like "Desire".
Jerry's admiration of Dylan was also evident in the numerous songs he covered. "Tangled up in Blue", "Knockin' on Heavens Door", and my favorite of all Dylan songs, "Vision of Johanna".

Jerry wasn't the only big Dylan fan in the band. Phil likes to get playful on stage with his rendition of "Tom Thumbs Blues". He also mentioned that in their rehearsal for the Dylan & the Dead tour, all band members came with lists of Dylan songs they wanted to play. The always professional Bobby Weir asked Dylan if he needed help with the lyrics for "Desolation Row" and Dylan replied, "I'll remember the important ones."

In the summer of 95, Dylan sent a letter to Jerry asking him if he'd like to do some yodeling for him. Dylan was putting together a Jimmie Rodgers tribute album. After summer tour, Jerry went over to David Grisman's and made his last studio of "Blue Yodel #9" for the tribute album that was released in 1997.

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