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Monday, May 21, 2012


Now I've been doing some math, which is dangerous for someone with a Bachelors of Arts from St. Lawrence. (This is same school Denis McNally, the Grateful Dead Publicist/Biographer, is an alumni of.) I am more in tune with the lyric of the poets and the music of the sphere, then the arithmetic
of mathematics. So I was shocked when I discovered that 1982 was 30 years ago.

Here I present the Greek Theatre run of 30 years ago, 5/21/82 5/22/82 & 5/23/82. The Grateful Dead always played great shows at the Greek Theatre.  These downloads are FOB's and the first two shows are B quality.   The last is a C+.  I believe the decrease in quality is because the taper is too close to the band and not far enough for the mics to absorb the full compliment of the music.
A highlight of the first night's first set is the "Bird Song". At one point Jerry pulls them out of the jam and back into "Bird Song" before releasing back into the jam again. The second set the band plays two songs before "Drums/Space", which are "Playin'" into "Uncle John's". There is an extensive jam post "Uncle John's" which is really nice.  Then post "Drums/Space" the band plays "The Wheel", followed by a reprise of "Playin".
The second night starts with a ripping "Jack Straw"/"Sugaree" combo, which is as sweet as it sounds.  The second set opens with "China Cat"/"Rider".  Next Bobby leads his cajun "Woman are Smarter", then Brent sings his only song of the weekend "Never Trust a Woman".  "Sailor"/"Saint" follows, before Jerry opens up with a "He's Gone" that has a poignant jam at the end before "Drums/Space".  The 5/21 show had two songs pre "Drums/Space" and the next night they play seven songs before the break.  "NFA" and a beautiful "Wharf Rat" are post "Drums/Space" highlights.
This particular run at the Greek, the shows seem to improve each night.  The third night the audience is bursting at the seams after hearing the wah-wah petal.  The crowd starts a clapping beat that the band feeds off of as they drop the hammer to open the show up with "Shakedown".  Bobby works in the typical set closer next in "Promised".
"Scarlet" opens up the second set with an extensive jam as the band pieces together "Fire".  "Samson" comes roaring out of the "Fire", which is followed up by "Ship of Fools".  They then drop into an airy "Estimated", which they tool around with long enough to sound ready for "Drums/Space" but instead speed into an "Eyes".  Jerry is the last one to leave the stage as he rhythmically gives way to the drummers.  Earlier in the space the band quotes what song will be coming next.  The band plays around the theme for six minutes before, boom, "The Other One".  A beautiful "Stella Blue" comes next and as Jerry ignites the solo they transition into "Miracle".  Then there is an awkward key change as the band starts "Casey Jones".  Check out Bobby's slide guitar solo. He must have kept it close because of the "Miracle".  They close the run with a double encore of "Satisfaction" and "Brokedown".  Quite the show and another great run at the Greek.

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