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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tell Me Why You Treat Me So Unkind

Today we go back 20 years for a gem from the Boston Garden. Now some of you mathematicians may be discrediting this show because it occurred in 1994, to which I say, you are not right. Most DeadHead's discredits anything after 1991, because they don't believe that anything good happened after March 1992 when Bruce Hornsby left the band. Even though summer of 1992, had some good shows like Vegas and RFK, but it was after that summer that doctor's shut down Garcia for the fall and winter tours. Spring 1993, the band came back and debuted new originals for the first time in four years. Even though their was a creative outburst, the band took a step back from their playing style and interaction. So much so that some DeadHeads, like David Lemieux, stopped seeing the band. Garcia's voice tired but in 1994, the band did recapture some of their fire. Personally I'll listen to a show from 1994 over certain years in 80's. If I was to rank all the years of the Grateful Dead, this year would fall in the middle of the pack, somewhere between 15-20th place. Of all the shows in 1994, this might be the best. So download the SBD of the show HERE and HERE.
Regardless a great show is a great show no matter which year it occurred in. I've been listening to a lot of the Spring 90 "Other" box set which was recent release, and if you have, Jerry's voice is very different. Yet there is a certain inflection that is in Jerry's voice. This honest, whole hearted, vocal inflection first comes through on the "Althea," but is more prevalent on the gems "Fire on The Mountain," "Terrapin," "Stella Blue," and the monumental "So Many Roads." This verse sticks out as on of the best version is the song that the band ever played. Last year for the Grateful Dead's 30 song in 30 days, they chose this version because of the effort given by Jerry at the climax of the tune. The night is not just about Jerry, Vince Welnick plays pretty marvelous. The "Big River" electrifies and the little rift that sinks the band into "Terrapin" is titillating. Then each member of the band propels a significant spell of music out of "Terrapin" and into "Drums." At certain moments you can hear each member of the band slowly claim a piece of the jam to themselves and it is great. Now, I don't blame you if you just download the show for the "So Many Roads," but if you give it a chance you'll see that the show so much better than just one song.
I: Help, Slip, Franks, Walkin Blues, Althea, Uncle, Big River, Tom Thumb's, SMR, Promised
II: Scarlet, Fire, Go Home, Saint, Terrapin, Drums, Space, Last Time, Stella, OMSN, E: Liberty

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