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Friday, September 26, 2014

My Head In Sparkling Clover

Today is the anniversary of the second acoustic/electric shows from 1980 that were billed as the band's 15th anniversary tour. The first show was filled with bust outs and this second one has it's own surprises. The bust outs from the night prior are all songs tapped to be part of the acoustic set. The band debuted "Ain't no Lie" and then busted out songs like "Bird Song" (382 shows), "Dark Hollow" (550 shows), "Monkey & the Engineer" (589 shows), "Rosalie McFall" (609 shows), " Been All Around This World" (706 shows), and the beloved "Ripple" which had only been played 10 times by the band. "Ripple" hadn't been preformed since the final Fillmore East show in 1971, which was a gap of 550 shows. 
Download today's Audience version of the show HERE. Five of these songs make a repeat appearance in today's acoustic set but the show starts with the beautiful "To Lay Me Down." A song that was lost by the Hiatus of 1975, and never got back in rotation until here. It's the first "To Lay Me Down" since 10/19/1974, which is a show gap of 311 shows. This is followed up by the biggest bust out of the run of shows. "On The Road Again  hadn't been played since 12/01/1966, a gap of 1128 shows. "Been All Around This World" comes next and its pretty obvious that the band really has figured out their flow in the Acoustic setting. The previous night's set is very disjointed. They take their time between songs to tune up and throw caution to the wind and play. Yet the acoustic set feels like fire side Grateful Dead music. "Bird Song" is still the most adventurous song of the acoustic set. This one leads them into the first acoustic "Cassidy," which is no slouch when it comes to jamming it out. The final acoustic debut of the evening, is "China Doll," which Brent shows off his haunting harpsichord playing. 
The set ends with "Ripple" and this is the one that the band chooses for "Reckoning." Does anyone know the special guest that runs across stage during this "Ripple?" Garcia introduces him right after he sings "Let there be songs to fill the air." Jerry then says, "That's Otis." Otis was Bob Weir's dog, named after the great Otis Redding. He wondered on stage during the performance and the crew coxed him backstage. Otis really exemplifies the evening's feel of being a couple friends just camping it out for the night. There is intimate theater setting, the hollow body instruments and sweet harmonies. The atmosphere is intoxicating. So much so that Bill Graham had drink enough of the cool aid and had the audience toast the band on the final night which you can read more about HERE.
A: To Lay Me Down, On the Road Again, Around This World, Dark Hollow, Rosalie McFall, Bird Song, Cassidy, China Doll, Ripple
E1: Stranger, Sugaree, Uncle, Big River, Peggy-O, Minglewood, Candyman, LL Rain, Jed, Sailor, Saint
E2: Scarlet, Fire, Estimated, Eyes, Drums, Space, NFA, Black Peter, Sugar Mags, E: Brokedown

Next Tuesday there is a new Old and In The Way release called "Live at The Record Plant Sausal." There is also a new GarciaLive due out in October. It is his one and only New Years show with JGB from 1975. Bob Weir and Mickey Hart makes special guest appearances. Also for the Grateful Dead's 50th Anniversary next year, Doug Irwin and Tom Lieber will be making 12 replica of Jerry's guitars, for more info follow this link HERE.

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