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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Future Here, We Are It

In 1988, ten years after the Grateful Dead played in front of the Sphinx, the boys were taught how to walk like an Egyptian by The Bangles on this night in New Orleans. The boys didn't really play the 1988 hit with their special guest but did play "Iko, Iko" and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" with The Bangles and The Neville Brothers.
The first time special guest that sat in with The Grateful Dead in 1988 where all big radio stars of the day. Bruce Hornsby, Los Lobos' David Hildago, Suzanne Vega, Hall & Oates, and now the Bangles where big pop stars who jammed with the Dead. The Bangles broke through in 1986 with "Different Light," which featured "Manic Monday" and "Walk Like an Egyptian." Yet The Bangles were at their peak of their fame in 1988 because of their LP "Everything." This featured the number 1 hit song "Eternal Flame." On this night girls opened up cross town for Wham, then hustled over to Keifer Lakefront Arena for their guest spot. Leaving their instruments behind and provided harmonies with the Neville's for the encore. They did the same thing this same year for Tom Petty on an unreleased track while he recorded "Full Moon Fever."
The Dead show before the guest appearance is above average for 1988. The soundboard of the show can be downloaded HERE and HERE. In the first set Bobby gives us an alternative to the cowboy combo, when he doubles up on the rockers with "Beat It On Down The Line/Greatest Story." Then the first set closes with a quaint "Bird Song." The "Scarlet/Fire" is energetic and if you notice, Jerry gives a hoot just before the start of transition jam. The musical direction durning "Space" is clearly geared toward "The Other One," but right as Phil seems ready to drop the hammer, Brent chimes in with "I Will Take You Home." This is a touch slower and more tender for you Brent fans out there. Then the band comes around for a potent "Other One." Dispite a lyrical mistake, "Wharf Rat" is pretty touching and the "Throwing Stones/ Not Fade" is a solid closer. After the encore Jerry says "Thanks to the Neville's and Bangles."
I: Bucket, TLEO, Rooster, Loser, BIODTL, Greatest, Peggy-O, Masterpiece, Bird Song
II: Scarlet, Fire, Estimated, Eyes, Drums*, Space, I Will Take You Home, Other One, Wharf Rat, T Stones, NFA E: Iko**, Knockin'**
* With The Neville Brothers **Also with The Bangles

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