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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Back in 1994, the Grateful Dead were in the mist of their final run at MSG, meanwhile Bob Dylan and his band were in the middle of their own run uptown at the Beacon Theatre. The 17th was a night off for Bob Dylan and company, so he came out to see the Dead. One of my friend was backstage at this show and saw Dylan sitting on a couch talking to fellow musicians Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. The three could have been having one of the most intense conversation ever, oh to be a fly on the wall.
The Dead came on stage know who was "in the crowd" and put one a show for them. Download a great FOB Audience HERE.
This is a very good show for the mid 90's and included what could be the best "Eyes of the World" since the Branford show. A very fitting tune for the threesome backstage there. Post "Space" the band temped Bob Dulan by completely destroying a version of his classic "Watchtower." Jerry's guitar coupled with Bob Weir's vocals, is what I'm guessing, gave Bob Dylan a reason to get excited. But first they close out the set with an emotional and hot "Dew." Durning the encore, Dylan grabbed one of Bob Weir's guitar to join the band on stage for "Rainy Day Woman." This could have been one of the last truly spontaneous collaborations and moments at a Grateful Dead concert. Though this is not the last collaboration between Dylan and Jerry. On 6/25/95, Jerry joined Bob on stage for "Train to Cry" and "Rainy Day Woman." Watch the video below and you can tell no rehearsal or planning went into the encore. Its just pure joy.
I: Midnight Hour, Peggy-O, Minglewood, Jed, Eternity, Friend, Promised
II: Eyes, Woman, Crazy Fingers, Estimated, Drums, Space, Wheel, Watchtower, Dew E: Rainy Day*
* With Bob Dylan
The Grateful Dead will be taking part in Record Store Day, which takes place on Black Friday 11/29. They will be releasing an incognito acoustic show from 4/18/1970. 
Furthur more Dogfish American Beauty hit stores a bars on 10/15, to check avialibility in your area go HERE.

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