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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wheel Is Turning

Straight out of the WTF-Did-That-Really-Happen file, the Rainforrest benefit on final night of nine night run at MSG. The benefit cost about twice that of a normal ticket and featured guest spots by Jack Casady, Mick Taylor, and Baba Olatunji. Then there were some music stars at the time Bruce Hornsby, Suzanne Vega, and a group that was pretty far off the GD radar Hall & Oates. Then what Rainforrest benefit would be complete without a video message from Kermit The Frog and Animal. Unfortunately Animal didn't show for "Drums" with Mickey, Billy and Baba. Download the audience HERE.

Jerry's voice was pretty shot after the nine nights at the Garden, so Bobby and the guest do most the singing. Jerry sits back with guitar playing tasty licks over the Suzanna Vega and Hall & Oates tunes, which is pretty surreal for someone who got subjected to Z100 ad nauseam in the 80's. Then there is the correlation between Mick Taylor's spot and David Hildalgo's sit in two month earlier. They played "West LA" and "Rooster" with both guitarist, although Mick Taylor seems to take a bit more of a dominate roll then Hildago did. Baba Olatunji sings a rainforrest homage during the "Drums" break. Then the encore sees Phil realizing the double bass is redundant and he allows Jack Casady provide the thumps for "Good Lovin'/Knockin'." 
Now there is some truth to the rumor that my favorite diner is Tom's Diner, but it is not the same one that Suzanne Vega wrote the song for. Mine is by my old apartment in Brooklyn on Washington Ave, and her's is in Northern Manhattan and is ironically the same iconic one from Seinfeld. There is also no truth to the rumor that after playing with Hall & Oates, that Bobby wanted to replace "Woman are Smarter" with "Maneater." 
I: Iko, Stranger, West LA#, Rooster#, Box, Ramble, Masterpiece, Don't Ease
II: Chinese Bones$, Neighborhood Girls$, Crazy Fingers, Woman, Every Time You Go Away%, What's Going On%, Drums^, Space, Wheel, T Stones, NFA*
E: Good Lovin'%*+, Knockin'$%*+
#With Mick Taylor
$With Suzanne Vega
%With Hall & Oates
^With Baba Olatunji
*With Bruce Hornsby
+With Jack Casady and without Phil Lesh

HERE is the link to Furthur's show from Red Rocks with Branford Marsalis. 

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