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Thursday, September 19, 2013

But You Drive Me Back

On this date in 1970, the Grateful Dead played an excellent show at the Fillmore East on Second Avenue in  New York City. Download the second half of the Soundboard HERE.

This show is packed with the dampness of New York sweats. This snap shot captures the playfulness of the Dead and demonstrates the energy that could be created on any given night. The "Dark Star" that opens this copy is quant and patience. Before developing and building in a monstrous "Feeling Groovy Jam," which perfectly descends itself between the two verses. The "Dark Star" is hailed as one of the best of 1970 but I'm not going to make that declaration.
The New York night heats up as the band picks out the closing note of "Datk Star," as the anticipation of what will come next. Garcia gently drops into "St Stephen," which immediately progresses into a raucous event. To keep the energy pumping they go into "Not Fade Away," which features two playful teases of "Darkness, Darkness" and "China Cat" before progressing back into "Not Fade." The "Not Fade/Darkness" combo could have been a nod to the loss the night beforehand of Jimi Hendrix by the music world. Bobby really lets loose at the end of "Not Fade" with Pigpen edging him on. The band gets behind Pigpen for an excellent "Lovelight." As the band opens up the song to allow Pigpen to rant and rave, Pigpen ponders people's relationship. This causes him to ask the question, "Are you going to Fuck?" The audience and band members all seem to gasp, laugh and smile as this is the first time that it was said during a GD concert. In less then 5 months it would be a regular part of the song "Wharf Rat," but at this time it made Bobby step up and ask, "Pigpen did you say Fuck?" To which Pigpen makes no apologies for. For here the "Lovelight" ends in a furry, which causes Bobby to loss his voice. Phil and Pigpen explain why the evening set would not be featuring an encore by the band, but that the Younblood's would fill in and cap the night with "Get Together."
Dark Star, St Stephen, NFA, Darkness Jam, China Cat jam, NFA, Lovelight, Get Together*
*The Youngbloods

Just for your information, the Garcia Archives have just remastered a tour Legion of Mary to be released as Garcia Volume 3, which you can pre-order HERE
Furthurmore or not anymore. Furthur has decided that they will go on hiatus in 2014. So catch them while you can. 

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