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Thursday, December 6, 2012


This is the anniversary of the third night in a four night run at the Felt Forum. This is the first run that the Grateful Dead played at 33rd and Seventh Ave but it wasn't the last. They played the big room at Madison Square Garden 52 times and 1971 is the only time that the Dead played the little room now known as The Theater at MSG.
Download a soundboard HERE and HERE, to hear Bill Graham introduce, "Beneath all the madness, the Bundle of Joy, The Grateful Dead." As the great energy that is created "Truckin'" opens up the show, with a slick maddening solo. Before the next song the great indifference of Jerry is hear ask he says, "If your standing in front of a spotlight, move away from it, if you care. Thats if you care." So should he move or not? After the "Loser" and "Mr. Charlie," you'll hear some one yelling at the guy, so I'm guessing he listened to Garcia.
The set really gets going with the "Jack Straw" and then the "China/Rider," where the in-between jam sounds like someone's guitar goes out of tune. They catch it in time for the cooking "Rider." Then comes the Grateful Dead Christmas classic. "Run Rudolph Run" song was only preformed by the band about 5 times and all during December of 1971. (It was also an answer to the Blair Jackson Quiz I put on Facebook.) Now it should also be noted that Pigpen left the band because of health problems after the Bronx gig in August of 1971. He returned to the band in December and this was one of the playful new songs that he brought. Who know if he would have brought it back in December of 72 because his last gig with the band was in June of 72.
The first set has a marvelous bone chilling "Black Peter." An entertaining "Next Time" shuffle, is a real crowd pleaser, before they is closed out with a bone crushing "Casey Jones."
The second set features the developing "Playin' in the Band." The song was debuted in February and has slowly begun its is grow into the jam vehicle that would dominate a set in the upcoming year(s). The germination of what's to come is heard in Garcia's guitar work and support of Phil and the newest member of the band, Keith. "Cryptical" comes next and you can hear the bands uneasiness with the song. They would play once more in 71 and once in September of 72, before the skelton would go into the closet until 5 from 85. The "Drums" launches them into the "Other One," which disintegrates into a "Dark Star/Wharf Rat" type jam. They never get there, instead Bobby ignites the stage with a raucous version of "Bobby McGee." The band slowly moves back into the "Other One." Then the band falls into the "Wharf Rat" that they intended to get to earlier. A very energetic "Saturday Night" is played before the crowd pleaser "Uncle John's" closes out the night on top of Penn Station.
I: Truckin', Loser, Mr Charlie, Straw, China, Rider, Run Rudolph, El Paso, Jed, Mexicali, Black Peter, Next Time, Casey Jones
II: Big RxR, My Uncle, Ramble, Cryptical, Drums, Other, Bobby McGee, Other, Wharf Rat, Saturday Night, Uncle Johns

Last night at the TRI Studios, WeirHere, Bobby reiterated that there will be a Sandy Benefit that and some friends will be doing from there in January. More info when available, and make sure you look up Heartof Goldband on Facebook for breaking news. You can subscribe or friend the site.


  1. Are you sure this is 12/6? I've seen it as 12/5 other places.


    Love the blog!

  2. Sorry, just saw it was multi-night.

  3. Yeah 4 night run. The 12/5/71 has a Dark Star in the second. Thanks for checking the blog