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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Tonight at the University of California at Santa Cruz, the library will be celebrating the opening of the Grateful Dead Archive. The McHenry Library will house the history of the Grateful Dead and their cultural impact through their 30 year career.
The band Moonalice will play a free show in front of the library, so that they are not told by the librarians to "Keep it down." Moonalice is a bay area band featuring Barry Sless and John Molo, whom have guesting in Phil Lesh and Friends. Steve Parrish, Jerry Garcia's personal roadie, is listed as a member of the band although he is called their "Road Scholar/ Medicine Man."
George Blumenthal is the brain child of "A Box of Rain: Archiving the Grateful Dead Phenomenon" and will feature collections donated by Mickey Hart and Bob Weir. There will be poster, ticket stubs, backstage passes, photos, lyric pages and chord charts in the exhibition. Some of the more interesting items are a hand written letter by Jerry Garcia about his life at 87 Harrington Street and a picture of them playing a pizza parlor in 1965. And the crown jewel of Deadheadness, the original dictionary they used to name the band. In the dictionary the name The Grateful Dead is circled several times. There are plenty of items for a Deadheads inner dork to geek out on.
Along with Terrapin Crossroads and TRI Studio, there is plenty of events to partake in on "The coast of California."

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