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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Late last night, the new release from the Grateful Dead was officially announced. The pick is the Grateful Dead from Chicago on October 22, 1971.
Deadbase and deadlists.com do not list complete set list for this show, which makes the release even more intriguing. This is the known set list:
II: Ramble on Rose, Cumberland, Cryptical, Drums, Other, Cryptical, Deal Sugar Mags, Casey Jones, Johnny B Goode
This should make up the whole second disc of the release. The third disc is going to be bonus tracks taken from the night beforehand. This will feature the "Dark Star" "Sitting on top of the World" "Dark Star" combo along with the "St Stephen" "JBG" encore from 10/21/71. Should be an interesting release from the archives.

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