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Monday, July 6, 2015

Chicago, Il July 5, 2015

This post will just be the Setlist and a couple of lines about the weekend here because I have a long drive back through Buffalo to NYC area. After the dust settles and links to the audio files appear, I'll do another post. 
In the first encore the first night of Chicago, Bobby sang "if your cup is full may it be again." What was underrated at the beginning of this whole 50th anniversary tour, is that we "love what we love and we want that way." The announcement opened up the door to allow us all come funneling out of the wood work. Asking us to fold this country in half so we could because there "were no wings to fly, we flew to you." The hard part is asking us to now let it go. There may not be and more "leader of the band," but as long as we can "come here  Uncle John's Band." We'll be there to let it "melt into a dream." It's understandable that without darkness, we cannot see the stars, so I'm thankful for this weekend because without the Grateful Dead there would be no light to "shine shine shine shine let it."
I: China Cat Sunflower, I Know You Rider, Estimated Prophet, Built to Last, Mountains of the Moon, Throwing Stones
II: Truckin', Cassidy, Althea, Terrapin Station, Drums, Unbroken Chain, Days Between, Not Fade Away
Encore: Touch of Grey
Encore: Attics of my Life
I want Bobby's shirt! Organic men's small please.

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