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Friday, August 1, 2014

A Broken Angel Sings From A Guitar

Today we go back the third accessible show from Jerry Garcia's birthday. Last year we did the 1973 show, the first year we did the 1982 show, and today we do his final Grateful Dead performance on his birthday in 1994. This show comes from The Palace in Auburn Hills in Michigan and the focal point of the show is the spectacular "Stella Blue," which is the best of the 90's and one of the best all time. I have been a fan of this for many years. The Soundboards of this show are not in circulation so download the Audience version HERE.
The show opens with some technical difficulties prompting Jerry to amuse the crowd and himself with the Mickey Mouse Club tease. You can hear Jerry crack himself up with the whimsical tease. Bobby then opens with " Picasso Moon," which is then contrasted by Jerry with a sweet "Peggy-O."  The old blues song "The Same Thing" gets tapped next. The song was originally sung by Pigpen. He did it twice in 66 and twice again in 67, before doing it one last time on NYE 1971. Bobby resurrected the song 1992 and performed it regularly till 1995. The always lively "Stagger Lee" if followed by the third of the shortly lived "Childhood's End." The set wraps up with the always energetic "Music Never Stopped."
The dark "Victim or the Crime" sets up the key for a vibrant "Scarlet/Fire." The "Scarlet/Fire" is 25 minutes of bounce. The song duo has stayed a fixture over the 17 years of its existence and there are not many versions that miss the mark. After "Samba," the band takes on "Estimated Prophet." The post "Estimated," sounds like the band is trying to slip into a "Terrapin," a song the band was due to bust out. Yet the jam never materializes as Mickey and Billy take over.
I don't normally talk to much about "Drums," but if you meditate to music, this is a track you might want to save. Very tranquil and serene sounds that then transfer into "Space," which is more rambunctious. Making it the perfect jumping off spot for "Watchtower," which fizzles into "Stella Blue." Stella oh Blue. Jerry's sweet present to the DeadHeads. It become obvious that it will be special when Jerry's voice sores on the "One," in the "It all rolls into one." The song builds to the end where Jerry sings the crescendo with great passion and vigor, where the crowd and bandmates respond in making the song peak. Watch the fan shot video of this incredible "Stella Blue" HERE. Bobby ends the night with a bust out of "Satisfaction." It's the first one in over two years and would prove to be the final one by the boys. This was also Jerry's last performance on his birthday.
The Further Bus is making the rounds. It is at the Gathering of the Vibes this weekend. I caught it at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester last Tuesday night.
I: Picasso Moon, Peggy-O, Same Thing, Stagger Lee, Childhood's, Music
II: Victim, Scarlet, Fire, Samba, Estimated, Drums, Space, Watchtower, Stella, Satisfaction E: Liberty

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