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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Was Closing The Door

On this date in 1990 the famed Spring Tour came to a close. In spectacular fashion the band closed out the tour with a barn burn in Atlanta's Omni. There were many hot shows from The Omni, if you follow me on unsocial network, you might have seen that 3/30 was the twenty year anniversary of final Grateful Dead Dark Star. Another Omni occurrence on 3/27/95, Garcia and the boys played close to a 20 minute "Sugaree" and 25 minute "Uncle Johns," in a manic show. This show also has my favorite "So Many Roads," but this is my favorite show from the venue, and not just because they played two Brent songs. Download the SBD HERE and HERE
The show opens with the excitable double opener of "Shakedown" and "Hell in a Bucket." Shows like this means that band is rip roaring to go. The "Shakedown" is thick like a milkshake that you cannot fully suck up that straw. The "Bucket" is sharp and makes room for a splendid "Sugaree."
The second set blasts off with a methodical "Estimated." There aren't too many "Estimated" set openers but when they do they are normally well played and longer than usual. The jam moves into the bright passageway that opens into "Scarlet Begonias." Earlier in the tour, the band opened 3/16 with "Scarlet/Estimated" and this show they flip the combo. The "Scarlet" is extreme lively and almost mistakenly moves into "Crazy Fingers." Spring 90 tour featured three "Scarlet Begonias" and only one "Fire on the Mountain," which speaks to the band's comfort and confidence to move in and out of combos and keys.
The "Playin'" may be shorter than the "Estimated" but the jam is very consistent and energetic like the early 70's version.  This might be why this "Space" is particular weird and light after such a tight "Playin'" jam. "Drums/Space" transitions into the familiar "I Will Take You Home," before charging itself up in "Going Down the Road." This sets up the popular "Throwing Stones/Not Fade Away." With the fun audience banter "Mmmbop" ending to the set. The tour closes out with the encore of "And We Bid You Goodnight," which the band would only play two more times.
I: Shakedown, Bucket, Sugaree, We Can Run, Masterpiece, Row Jimmy, Picasso Moon, Jed, Promised
II: Estimated, Scarlet, C Fingers, Playin', Drums, Space, Take You Home, GDTRFB, T Stones, NFA
E: Bid You Goodnight

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