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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Had One Of Those Feelings, I've Been There Before

After his last great appearance on 9/10/91, DeadHead's were left waiting and wondering if the great Branford Marsalis would ever grace the stage again. Well on this date in 1993, we finally got what we were waiting for, as Branford joined the Dead for their third and final night at the Los Angles Sports Arena. Download the Audience of the show HERE and let the magic surround you of Branford's fourth sit in with the Dead.
Branford is the third horn player to join the band in 1993, Ornette Coleman did twice (Yesterday's blog) and David Murray did on 9/22/93. This show confirms that Branford is king of the Saxophone sit ins. Marvelously playing in the spaces in between the band and letting loose when it is time to blow. The audience response to his first fill on "Hell in a Bucket" and after that he seems to have cart blanch to play what his heart desires. The band in returns gives him new challenges, there is no "Bird Song," "Eyes," "Estimated," "Lovelight," or "Dark Star" as there have been the other 3 times he sat in. (Not that there is anything wrong any of these song choices!) They have new tunes for them to try out with him like "So Many Roads," "Eternty," "Scarlet/Fire," and "Terrapin," which he only plays a portion of with the band. This show is leaps and bounds better show then the night beforehand, although yesterday's "China/Rider" smokes. You can tell by the title, which is the lyrical change in "Scarlet," that Branford in his sit-in gave the band a little extra pep. They had the feeling that this night was going to be special.
This summer Furthur had two special guest sit in with them at different gigs: Trey Anastasio and Branford Marsalis. I am a big Phish fan also but the Red Rocks Branford show is so much more fluent and upbeat. The encore of that show as "Brokedown," which I wasn't so sure about saxophone on. Yet after hearing it there is pure raw beauty in the fills and it truly shines. If you'd like to go back and listen to it, you can find it HERE.
Copyright 1993 Robbi Cohn/Dead Images
I: Bucket, Loser, Rooster, So Many Roads, Ton Thumbs, Eternity, Bertha
II: Scarlet, Fire, Corinna*, Terrapin, Drums, Space, Miracle, SOTM, NFA, E: Brokedown
With Branford Marsalis except*


  1. Hey now...thanx for posting my photograph of Jerry & Branford...would be awesome if you could add copyright info...©1993 robbi cohn/dead images thanx!!

    1. If there is a water mark image that you'd like me to replace it with I can. Email me at playingintheheartofgoldband@gmail.com I also wrote a blog about you which I linked to your sight, which is titled Whatever Became of Sweet Jane. Cheers