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Friday, April 26, 2013

On Down The Line

In an interview in 1970, Jerry Garcia said that there are 2 rooms that were made for the Grateful Dead to play their music in, the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester and the Fillmore East on 2nd Avenue in New York. Ironically the band would not play either of those venues again after May of 1971.
This is the anniversary of the final run at the Fillmore East and you can download the soundboard of the show HERE and HERE. This show features a guy who with his band played more gigs at the Fillmore East than any other band, which is why they were tapped to close the venue on April 30, 1971. Long before the Allman Brothers March Madness residency at the Beacon Theatre, The Brother's were main stays at the Fillmore East.
But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, cause the first set features a guy who between ever song screams over the bands tuning for "Dark Star." Well after a jumping blues version of "Hard to Handle," the band sets off on the "Dark Star" journey. Much like the Capitol Theatre 2/18/71, this "Dark Star" features a very rhythmic life beat, after all 2/18/71's is nicknamed "Beautiful Jam" and occurred just two months prior. Like 2/18/71, the band runs into "Wharf Rat," and this version which is cut, can be heard in it's entirety on "Skull and Roses." Although there is a fade out of the jam, the band quickly gears up the set closer of "Casey Jones."
 Daune Allman join the band for the first three songs of the second set, "Sugar Mags," "Hurts Me Too," and "Beat It On Down The Line." Masters of this "Sugar Mags" were recently provided to Duane's granddaughter who put together "Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective," a seven CD box set. Duane's playing on these tracks are an interesting twist on the normal Garcia solos. Duane had one speed, which was go-go-go. He was always aggressive player. His energy would slide cross the guitar and liven the spirit.  My favorite part of the sit in is the slide solo on "BIODTL." It has some magnificently energy and at the end of it, he puts this little cap on the solo that always makes me smile.
As Skydog leaves the stage, keeps the energy alive as they rip into "China/Rider." Pigpen then jumps into "Good Lovin'," which Billy takes a lengthy solo on the skins on. Jerry pulls out "Sing Me Back Home," a song that has not been fully developed in the last month of the band playing it. Then the end the night with their favorite closer "Not  Fade/Going Down The Road/Not Fade."
Last night the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester christened their Lobby Bar "Garcia's." Jerry's daughter Trixie was made the announcement on stage after Furthur's set. I'm still waiting for word if this bar opening is the reason Bobby fell on stage last night and couldn't finish last night's show. Ironically he fell durning "Unbroken Chain" when Phil sang, "They say love your brother but you will catch it when you try." I think it's now ok for you DeadHead shirt maker to make a parody of "Boston Strong" and do "Bobby Strong."
I: Big Boss, Loser, Playin', Hard To Handle, Dark Star, Wharf Rat, Casey Jones
II: Sugar Mags*, Hurt Me Too*, BIODTL*, China Cat, Rider, Good Lovin', Sing Me, NFA, GDTRFB, NFA
*w/ Duane Allman

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