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Friday, March 22, 2013

Like A Ringing A Bell

So I'm getting this blog out a day before the anniversary because there are two shows that fall on the 23rd and I feel that each show deserves it's own day.
This is the bands first gig in 1975, it's also the first gig since Bill Graham printed "The Last One" on the 10/20/74 ticket stub. So here the band comes out of hiatus to play this SNACK benefit. Download the FM recording of the the gig HERE.
The DeadHeads in the audience must have had so many questions come out of this gig. What happened to the Wall of Sound? Is Mickey back? Where's Donna? Is Merl now in the band? And lastly: what the hell is this that they are playing?
In January of 1975, the band went into the studio looking to do something they had never and would never do again, create an album of new material that has not been road tested. Now there is one "Slipknot!" teases from 6/20/74, but the fully composed piece was not put together by that point. So this being the first opportunity for the band to air out it's new material. So the band displayed the theatrical "Blues for Allah" without the accompanying lyrics and the instrumental "Stronger Than Dirt." Audience members must have checked their ticket stub to make sure that they weren't at the Frank Zappa show accidentally. None the less Jerry's warm voice singing "La la la la, la, la" brings us back from Eternity.
The band would only play 4 gigs in 1975, and half of them have special guest so there will be another one this year. See ya tomorrow.
Blues for Allah, Stronger, Drums, Stronger, Blues for Allah E: JBG
With Merl Saunders & Ned Lagin

Dark Star Orchestra is holding a cool event in August, DSO High School. The schooling takes place at a resort in the Catskills and will feature four nights of live performances and master classes durning during the day. Find out more of the event HERE. No word yet if there will be a cooking class where they teach you how to make garlic grill cheese, kind veggie burritos, and ganja goo balls.
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