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Sunday, October 28, 2012


In a recent UStream interview, Dave Lemieux said that the coolest place that he ever saw the Grateful Dead was at the Zenith in Paris, France. They played two shows at the Zenith, and download the SBD of the second night HERE and HERE.
The show opens with a majestic "Touch." Then after the "Candyman" the crowd starts a "We want Phil" chant that he quells by speaking the few words in French that everyone know, "Para Le Foo France?" That gets a roar from the crowd as he obliges the crowd with "Box of Rain." Bobby kicks it up with a "Mexicali/Maggie's Farm," which features the trading of verses between all the members of the band. The set closes with the Grateful Dead debut of the Hornsby song "Stander on the Mountain."
Hornsby only played this song three times with the Dead, because he never liked how his songs were interpreted by the Dead. If anyone has ever seen Hornsby with his band, you see that not only is he the composer but the conductor also. The Dead did play that way. They played off of each other, but at any given moment that could be any member of the band, so without a leader, he songs come off unrehearsed.
"Victim" opens the second set, its a Phil bomb laden version. The dark jam brightens into a marvelous "Eyes" were Phil's baseline along with Hornsby's brilliant piano drives Garcia guitar into full realization of the song. The familiar partner comes next like a "fire wheel burning in the air." As "Estimated" starts to evaporate, there is a brief "Bid you Goodnight" type jam before settling on "Uncle John's." Listen to "Drums/Space" and you'll notice two electrically engineered animal sounds; cow and duck. Phil explodes the band into "The Other One," which Hornsby has some interesting piano rifts on. The band is really in sync as they close the set with "Wharf Rat/Sugar Mags." The night comes to a close with beautiful "Knockin'," as Phil again shows off his French skills by saying "Goodnight."
I: Touch, Walkin' Blues, Candyman, Box, Mexicali, Maggie's Farm, Althea, Cassidy, Jed, Stander
II: Victim, Eyes, Estimated, Uncle John's, Drums, Space, Other One, Wharf Rat, Sugar Mags E: Knockin'

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