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Saturday, September 15, 2012


On this date, 25 years ago, the Grateful Dead played their first show in New York City since Jerry Garcia recovered from his diabetic coma. They had played two shows in at the Meadowlands and one at Giants Stadium, but Jersey ain't New York.
Download the show HERE, this is a very good audience recording. Given the significances of the show, it is important to hear the crowd interactions with the band beyond description.
The show opens with the Brent Mydland cover of "Hey Pockey Way." "Feel good music in your soul, makes the body want to Rock 'n Roll" yes in deed. The keen listener will notice that they don't hear Bobby's background vocals, so when "Minglewood" starts his vocals are absent through the first lines of the song. They "Push" their way through one more song before Steve Parrish has to rescue them from the Communist (as Bobby says). The crowd exclaims for the line, "broken heart don't feel so bad," because they didn't lose Jerry there. A very lively "Music Never Stopped" ends the set. I was re-listening to this on 9/11 and the line "A cool breeze came on Tuesday, Balls of lightning roll along" jumped out at me as I was thinking about all those "Tuesday Kids" that were created 11 years ago.
The second set comes alive with two popular combos, first is the roaring "China/Rider." Full of the crashing lyrics and the smooth transition. That is contrasted by the "Estimated/Eyes" which stutters and stumbles like an alcohol induced side step as the transitioning jam. (Pic below is Bobby, "Raise up to Glory.") "Wheel" is pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle out of "Space." The crowd enthusiasm is busting the Gardens round seems when they sing, "So glad you made it." Fitting considering this is Garcia's first time back in NYC, not to mention the 2 disc set the comes out next Tuesday. Then we get to the main event. A whisper of the wind. An acknowledgement of his own mortality, "Black Peter." The band and audience hang on to each word as if it spoken by the second coming. Garcia really lays it all out on the table vocally. The response that he gets is from the love he is putting into the song. The whole concert could have been over right there and nobody would have complained. "One more day, I find myself alive, tomorrow."
I: Hey Pocky Way, Minglewood, Push, My Uncle, Mexicali, Row Jimmy, Queen Jane, Jed, Music
II: China Cat, Rider, Estimated, Eyes, Drums, Space, Wheel, GS Lovin, Black Peter, Sugar Mags, E Baby Blue
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